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What is the Illuminati

The Illuminati is a secret society founded on 1 May 1776 by a Jesuit Priest & Freemason philospher in Germany

Illuminati symbols

Illuminati symbols include the All seeing eye, Devils Horn, Raised Obelisk and the number 666 amongst others

Illuminati membership

Each Illuminati lodge has its own membership rites contact us at +27603345036 or to join the Illuminati

The mission statement of the Illuminati is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them.

The Illuminati offers freedom from all religious prejudices and cultivates the social virtues through the new world order

Many influential intellectuals, celebrities, politicians & sports stars are members, of the Illuminati

How the Illuminati can help you

If your life is lacking the Great Light of the Illuminati can can help you bring success and prosperity into your life

Resolve the most difficult problems in your life by joining the illuminati that will help you acquire mental and spiritual power.

The spiritual power of the Illuminati can help you manipulate your financial reality and draw wealth & money towards you.

For mental & spiritual strength join the illuminati & get spiritual power to fortify yourself and attract positive energy into your personal aura.

Overpower rivals and counter spiritual forces against you using the Great Light of the Illuminati


All humans on planet earth are part of one family and each has a purpose defined by the Great Light

In our pursuit for knolwdge and wisdom throught the ages every generation inherits the world left by the one before it and our decisions affect all of us

Join Illuminati
Join Illuminati

Join the Illuminati

Join the Illuminati and tap into a network of powerful world leaders for success, wealth, international influence and spiritual enlightenment

Consult us at or +27603345036 to join the Illuminati a lifetime committment that will transform your fortunes

Be part of the "New World Order" as a member of the Bavarian Illuminati who behind the scenes control world governments, multilateral organisations and businesses. There are levels of membership that start with an initiation ceremony.

Join the Illuminati for enlightenment

Join the Illuminati for enlightenment

The Illuminati is about enlightenment that can be achieved by the Great Light a powerful universal force

All spiritual paths lead to the one Great Light to bring all humanity to unity, peace, joy and success

The spiritual foundation of the Illuminati is to increase the Great Lights influence in our lives

Join the Illuminati if you truly seek spiritual enlightenment and you want to achieve your life's destiny

Join the Illuminati for wealth

Join the Illuminati for wealth

The Illuminati assists every willing member with wealth, access and the networks required for success

In the Illuminati we view wealth as a measure of influence as such money is neither good or evil

The aim of the Illuminati is to ensure that all humanity live a life of abudance and reach their full potential

Money is not the root of all evil it is actually the root of all freedom if pursued with a pure heart.

Join the Illuminati for power

Join the Illuminati for power

The Illuminati has influential members of the world including politicians, business leaders, artists and religious leaders

We believe that all all people are members of the same biological family and the Light will lead us to illumination

Anyone can apply, but not all will be accepted into the Illuminati which has different levels of membership

Over hundreds of years we have built powerful networks of cooperation available to the Illuminati membership

Join the Illuminati for influence

Join the Illuminati for influence

A network of powerful world leaders gives the Illuminati considerable influence in every counrty

Our ultimate aim is to protect the interests of humanity and ensure our continued survival

By joining the Illuminati you open yourself to unlimited possibilities in every area of your life

Our goals for a New World Order are in place in every multilateral organisation in the world

Purpose of the Illuminati

Purpose of the Illuminati

The Illuminati influences good in the world in pursuit of a New World Order for a life of abudance

Throught the ages we have worked for the unification of the planet in a New World Order led by the Great Light

Our purposes can be seen in the Nato, UN, WTO, WHO, Security Council and the World Council of Churches

Illuminati membership degrees

Illuminati membership degrees

Membership in the Illuminati consists of 11 progressive degrees of initiation divided into two

Of the 10 Illuminati degrees, seven of them are standard degrees and three are mystery degrees

A series of initiation rituals grants a member an Illuminati degree opening you up to more about the Illumnati

Illuminati innitiation

Illuminati innitiation

Each novice is initiated in humanitarian philosophy until he became a minerval after which he can attend meetings.

The degrees in the second class initiate you into high level. Higher order members initiate lower degree members

Third degree class are priests. Very few mystery grades. Autonomous structures with High Priest central authority

Illuminati degree structure

Illuminati degree structure

The Illuminati degrees are structured in such a way that as you progress you get to know more about the Illuminati

Standard degrees: Novitiate, Minerval, Minor Illuminatus, Magistratus, Apprentice, Fellow Craft & Master.

Mystery degrees: Illuminatus Major, Priest & King. 3 classes that is Novice, Masonic grades & Mysteries grades

The New World Order

The New World Order

The Illuminati will create a state of liberty and moral equality free from subordination, rank, and poverty

Illuminati membership consists of people of strong reputation, established family & social connections

The Illuminati has 10 degrees divided into 3 levels (minor, dirigens & illuminated minervals)

The Great Light

The Great Light

The Great Light is the inner compass in every human that reveals the truth and guides us to a life of abundance

All religions and spiritual beliefs seek the Great Light in one form or another under different names

Some call the Great Light; God, Allah, Elohim, and all humans have a natural inclination to seek the light